11 Days


$1,150 usd / person

Price based on the travel season and number of people.


Several places from the Oaxacan coast, Oaxaca, México


  • Help tiny sea turtles hatch out the eggs and make its way down to sea safe and sound thanks to you.
  • Get involved in the daily activities of the rural communities that work to conserve three species of sea turtles in danger of extinction.
  • Join the night patrol team to control sea turtle arrivals at night.
  • Share educational activities with the children of the La Ventanilla community.
  • Feel the energy of the sun going down in the Pacific ocean, whilst enjoying the most beautiful sky colours.


Would you like to live an experience where leisure, adventure and sea turtle conservation are combined in a place very close to paradise?

With this trip you will have the opportunity to tour some of the Pacific beaches at night in search of turtles to collect and save their eggs from predators. One day you could be visiting coastal villages where you will enjoy the best hippy style beach vibes whilst meeting the locals, whereas another day you could be getting lost around the pine-oak subtropical forests at more than 2,300 meters above sea level.

You will definitely live the adventure of your lifetime in some of the most spectacular destinations of Mexico! Don’t forget that when you travel with us you will only do it in a responsible way, interacting and connecting with locals and like minded people from all over the world!


Double occupancy $1,480 USD (1,195 Euros) *

* Prices might vary depending on exchange rates on the day of booking


Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

No meal plan.

Arrival in Puerto Escondido. When you book your plane ticket from home, make sure the final destination is Puerto Escondido. This way, you will stopover in Mexico City to jump on a plane of local airline to get to this beautiful town. Once in Puerto Escondido, take a taxi from the airport, it is totally safe and very easy!

Check in at your charming hotel and enjoy a free afternoon. We recommend you to walk along the beach of Zicatela to watch the sunset set over the Pacific ocean. This coastal town is known for its surfing culture and attracts surfers from all around the world. You can end your day enjoying a fresh juice at the Café Babylon, a meeting place for travelers and locals alike.

NOTE: Click on each Day (icons on the left) to see the specific itinerary of each day.

Puerto Escondido – Turtle beach camp of Ventanilla

Meal Plan: – / – / D

Towards 3pm, once the entire group has got together in Puerto Escondido, you will all take a local bus to arrive at Ventanilla, where you will spend four nights taking part in conservation actions with our local guides. The beach of Ventanilla is wide and long, and after some miles, joins in with the beach of Escobilla. The power of the ocean in this strip of coast is spectacular and your’ll find the people very warm.

Check-in to your cabins. At dusk, the group will have a welcome meeting at the beach as well as an explanation of the conservation duties we will be carrying out during your stay (such as the night patrols, the turtle release activities and other activities with the children of the communities).

Enjoy some free time before dinner is served in the community. Recharge your batteries before your first night patrol begins!

Turtle beach camp of Ventanilla

Meal Plan: B / – / D

You will have breakfast at the community and at around 11 o’clock, you will take a rowing boat tour to visit the mangrove forest of Ventanilla. This is an area of extraordinary beauty, home of different species of crocodiles and nesting birds. You will reach a small island where the members of the cooperative have a crocodile museum and a conservation program for other animals such us deer and coatis.

After the visit, you will have some time to chill and eat. At around 5pm you will participate in a beach clean-up activity with the children of the community. If there are baby turtles hatching today, you will take part in their release.

Enjoy some time off and after dinner get ready for your next night patrol.

Turtle beach camp of Ventanilla

Meal Plan: B / – / D

After breakfast you will have the day off. We will provide you with some recommendations of places to visit nearby: Mazunte o Zipolite are lively coastal towns not far from the camp (Mazunte is 3 km away). You will find incredible beaches and very good vibes with many bars and restaurants. In Mazunte you could also visit the Mexican Turtle centre.

You should get back to the camp at 5pm to take part in an educational activity with the community children. Free time until dinner to get ready for the next night patrol.

Turtle beach camp of Ventanilla

Meal Plan: B / – / D

After breakfast, you will have the day off. Do not worry, you will not get bored as there is so much to see and do in the area!

At 5pm you will have another activity in the nesting area. If there are any baby turtles, you will join their release after 6pm.

After dinner you will have the next night patrol.

Ventanilla – Turtle beach camp of Escobilla

Meal Plan: B / – / D

After four days living and sharing with the community of Ventanilla, it’s time to say farewell and head to La Escobilla.

The beach in Escobilla is long and on the same strip of coast as the one in Ventanilla. This is a spot where huge arrivals of turtles happen, a natural phenomenon only similar in very few parts of the world. If you are lucky, you can see spawning up to 10,000 sea turtles every hour! In Escobilla you will also meet the researchers of the Mexican Turtle Centre, who work on the beach, and also visit one of the largest nesting hubs in the country.

After breakfast, you will enjoy a morning off and in the afternoon you will all take public transport to go to La Escobilla.

Check-in to your cabins and after dinner, you will do another night patrol.

Turtle beach camp of Escobilla

Meal Plan: B / – / D

After breakfast, you will visit the local mangrove forest by boat to then have the rest of the morning off to explore the area.

We will give you recommendations of what to do, such as visiting Puerto Escondido, a world class surfing destination with a famous break in Zicatela beach . This town is the location of one campus of the Sea Science University (UMAR – Universidad del Mar).

On your return to Escobilla, you will join some of the community activities and after dinner, you will do a night patrol.

Turtle beach camp of Escobilla

Meal Plan: B / – / D

After breakfast, you will join in some of the community’s duties and then have a day off to enjoy as you like. Each day after breakfast you will check with the group how the day will resolve.

At night, after dinner, you will do your last night patrol.

Escobilla – San José del Pacífico

Meal plan: B / – / –

After breakfast, you will head towards San José del Pacífico, passing through the town of Pochutla. San José del Pacífico is a small mountain village of the Sierra Sur, 136 km from the capital of the state and 2000 meters above the sea level. Here you can enjoy the tranquillity and harmony of nature in its humid forests, where you can enjoy mountain treks and other related activities.

Today you will be arriving to the village in the afternoon, around 5pm, to check-in to your cabin and watch the sunset from above the hills.

Free time for dinner (not included)

San José del Pacífico

Meal plan: B / – / –

After breakfast, you will have the day off to relax and explore around the village. Today we recommend you to try a temazcal experience (not included in the price). The temazcal, in Nahuatl called temazcalli, meaning ”sweaty house” and it is a steam bath used in traditional medicine and in the daily life of the people of ancient Mexico. The ritual is a ceremony of healing and purification, as well as being a practice for skin and emotional cleansing, group cohesion and an exercise for cognitive and spiritual skills. This is an experience that is worth trying once in a lifetime and it can be done either in the morning or at night.

Dinner today is not included.

San José del Pacífico – Oaxaca

Meal plan: B / – / –

After breakfast, the group will head to the city of Oaxaca, the capital of the state of the same name, by public transport. Oaxaca de Juárez is located in the region of the Central Valleys and is the largest and most populated city of the state, being an important economic and cultural centre of the area. Here you can stroll around its colour streets, visit the zócalo (main city square), the magnificent cathedral, relax in any of the beautiful coffee shops and do some handcraft shopping at the many street stalls and local markets. The town is bursting with restaurants and wonderful gastronomy!

You will arrive to Oaxaca at around 1pm. Check-in to your hotel and free time to explore around.

City of Oaxaca

Meal plan: B / – / –



After breakfast, you will have a day off to explore the must-see attractions on the outskirts of Oaxaca. Some of our recommendations include: the ancient Tule tree in the town of Tule, famous for being the tree with the thickest trunk of the planet; the Zapotec ruins of Monte Albán or a trekking activity in the forest of the Nevería and Latuví communities, in the Pueblos Mancomunados area of the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca. Please enquire for further information and costs of these or other activities to do for this day.

City of Oaxaca – your next destination

Meal plan: B / – / –

After breakfast your adventure with us will come to an end. From then on, you can either go back to Mexico City to return home or link to your next Mexican destination. Please enquire if you need any assistance in getting around or booking your next accommodation.


Accommodation in charming hotels and cabins, food described in the itinerary (B = Breakfast / L = Lunch / D = Dinner), transportation to the sites mentioned, guides in the night tours, group activities described in the itinerary, workshops for children, workshops in Pueblos Mancomunados and taxes.

Not included:

Transportation to the city of Oaxaca and vice versa, food not described in the itinerary, activities not mentioned in the itinerary, personal expenses, transportation costs during free time, excursions marked as optional, travel insurance and tips.

Accommodation in hotel and ecolodge.

The order of activities may vary according to climatic conditions or other variants associated with the daily activities of the communities.

Schedule departure: from August 20th to September 1st.

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