The state of Oaxaca is located to the south of the country, in the southwest end of the isthmus of Tehuantepec. It possesses around 600 kilometers in the Pacific Coast. History, culture and tradition surround Oaxacan atmosphere mainly due to its rich multicultural composition where more than 16 ethnic groups coexist. Oaxaca is the birthplace of the Zapotec culture that flourished in Monte Albán’s area, nowadays an archaeological zone by excellence.

An important diversity of cultures flourishes in Oaxaca, which is reflected throughout the state. There are several important national museums in the capital, such as the Textile Museum or the Ethnobotanical Garden, in addition its historic city center is a World Heritage Site.

Sea turtle volunteer trip in Mexico

Would you like to live an experience where leisure, adventure and sea turtle conservation are combined in a place very close to paradise? You wouldn't imagine that this place is hidden in México. 
per person
11 Days

The essentials of Oaxaca

Discover the secrets of Oaxaca city and arounds. Visiting the archaeological site of Mitla and Monte Alban, participating in a cooking class of traditional mole and enjoy the wildness while you swim in the puddle water of Hierve el Agua.
All year
2 Min / 10 Max
05 Days

Relax on the Oaxacan coast

Get yourself through the Oaxacan coast and discover the essence of Mazunte and around. Stroll through the mangroves and learn from the biodiversity in this area of México.
All year
2 Min / 8 Max
04 Days

Inheritance of a living land

Discover the essence of Mother Earth's in Pueblos Mancomunados of Sierra Norte de Oaxaca. Delight all your senses while you practice communitary tourism in a different way that will wake your soul up.
All year
2 Min / 10 Max
03 Days