TOTONAL wishes to inform that the site uses cookies to analyze the use of the site by our visitors. First of all, we want to explain what cookies are, what they are used for and how to manage the data stored in your browser.

What are cookies?

Cookies are archives that are installed on your computer from our site, for the purposes described in this document. The application we use to obtain and analyze navigation information is Google Analytics. You can find more information by following this link:

Google Analytics was developed by Google to provide website owners with the ability to analyze information about how users use the website. In this way, Google can use this data to improve its services and offer them to other companies. You can find out about it by following the links at the end of this document.

This tool does not collect data on the first and last names of users, nor the IP address from which they connect. The information obtained concerns, for example, the number of web pages visited, the language, the social networks on which our links are published, the city that corresponds to the IP address from which the user logs in, the number of users visiting our site, the frequency and incidence of visits, browsing time, the browser used, the internet provider and the type of device used.

What are cookies for?

At TOTONAL, we use cookie information to improve our site, detect new user needs and evaluate add-ons to provide better service. We may also use cookies for conversion tracking on Google Adwords in the event that we perform an advertising campaign on Google Adwords. The cookie that installs on a user’s device when they see an advertisement or clicks on that advertisement automatically fades out 30 days after being stored. This means, in addition to the fact that Google uses separate servers for conversion tracking and the search results ensures the users the protection of their privacy. At, we may also use cookies for retargeting purposes with Google Adwords.

This will provide Google users with ads based on their browsing on our site. For this, some of the pages on our site include a retargeting code or tag that sets cookies to determine the type of ads that will appear based on the user’s navigation on our site. The retargeting lists of TOTONAL and any other company using Google Adwords are kept in a Google database on which all the cookie IDs associated with each list or category of interest are kept. For retargeting cookies, the user can choose to opt out of them by visiting Google’s opt-out page.

How can I manage my cookies?

You can change your browser settings to allow, know, block or eliminate cookies installed on your device. You will find, below, the links explaining you how to manage your cookies according to the browser that you use:


Google Chrome

Internet Explorer



This cookie policy was last updated on May 31, 2018.