An Unforgettable Family Adventure in Mexico!
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The following text is a review provided by our clients Jessica and Alan, who were travelling with their two children from the 20th of July to the 6th of August 2019 in Central and Southern Mexico.

Our family of four just completed an extraordinary 16-day trip through Mexico, which included stops in Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Tulum, Valladolid, and Holbox Island. This was a truly unforgettable trip. Thanks to the expertise of Sibila and Jorge, all of the details were taken care of for us; the planning of our itinerary, transportation, and activities.  From day one, they asked about us to learn how we like to travel, where we wanted to visit, and what we were interested in doing. The trip went smoothly, everything was perfectly coordinated, and transportation and guides were all punctual, professional, and great to work with. It is clear that the staff at Totonal have a ton of experience and knowledge which they are passionate about sharing so that their clients have a truly wonderful experience in Mexico.  Every guide we had was well informed on their particular area and subject matter, as well as being friendly and accommodating when necessary. 

Melina oversaw our day to day operations, and was available day or night any time we had a question or concern. She was an invaluable resource, and her response time was always super quick! In Mexico City, Pablo capably led us around the city, avoiding crowds and heavy traffic, sharing with us his knowledge of art, history, and the Aztec ruins in the surrounding areas. He was our driver on longer journeys to Queretaro and San Miguel de Allende, and he became like a member of the family after our time together.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary into Heavens, Mexico City

Outside of San Miguel de Allende, we had the amazing opportunity to cook with Rosana at her home and restaurant, which is also a museum of prehispanic astronomy. It was an unforgettable day with Rosana, her husband, and her helper Lola- and I would highly encourage anyone with a love of history and the culinary arts to check it out! 

Our guide for the day in Guanajuato was Antonio, and he deftly led us on a walking tour of this fabulous city, painting a vivid picture of its history and current status as one of the world’s great silver mining regions. As a lifelong resident of Guanajuato and a former mining engineer himself, Antonio had a wealth of personal knowledge and experience to share with us, and was a true gentleman and pleasure to converse with. From Guanajuato we flew to Cancun and began our time in the Yucatan in Tulum. Our guide, Pepe, showed us the wonders of the Sian Ka’an reserve. As an avid and prolific diver, his knowledge of the history and flora and fauna of the area were unparalleled. We followed him into the jungle to watch a skilled ‘chiclero’ extract latex from a tree using the same method as his father and grandfather before him. Unforgettable!

A skilled ‘chiclero’ extracting latex from a tree

I also must thank our local contact in Playa del Carmen, Teresa. She accompanied us in person to ensure we had no difficulties at the car rental office, and she was there at the culmination of our journey to see us off at the airport and facilitate a smooth departure. She was kind and wonderful, and always just a message away if we needed anything at all during our time in the Yucatan. 

In summary, we are thrilled with Totonal’s services. Like most people, our time and resources for travel are limited, and Totonal succeeded at providing us with a unique and personal curated experience. It means so much that we were able to enjoy such a memorable, meaningful, and seamless trip. I am already dreaming of the next adventure in Mexico… and when we are ready for that journey, I will be reaching out to Totonal Viajes again to help us with the logistics! 

With gratitude,

Jessica and Alan

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