We break with 10 myths and stereotypes about Mexico!

Today we would like to break with 10 myths and stereotypes about Mexico abroad. We have done a little research asking friends and clients about their perceptions to come up with this list, which we find extremely funny as Mexicans!

Mexicans wear big coloured hats and nap often under the shade of a cactus

Although this is how many foreign people dress up in a party to look like the typical Mexican, in reality in Mexico people use simple hats to protect from the sun like in other countries of the world. We do not usually see people in the street wearing a charro hat or a huge colourful hat … and even less napping under a cactus! Large enough cactus to lie under their shadow are found in only a few places in our country.

Mexico is a desert and it is always horribly hot

Views over the Orizaba volcano, one of the glaciers in México

Often travellers think that Mexico is always hot and the country is nothing but a big hot desert. In fact, our climate is very different depending on the region you are visiting, some months of the year you find temperatures going down a lot like for example in Chihuahua during winter.

Believe it or not, there are 4 current glaciers in Mexico, although they are dramatically shrinking due to climate change and the increase in annual temperatures.

The donkey is the preferred transportation method of a Mexican 

Well … what to say about this statement … actually the donkey is an animal in danger of extinction in our country and there are only around half a million species. On very rare occasions we have seen a person climb on a donkey as a means of transport, not even in rural areas! Currently Mexico has an extensive public transport network and good roads, so if what you wanted was to travel by donkey … you won’t be lucky this time!

Nachos, fajitas and chilli con carne are typical Mexican food

Only when you frequent touristy restaurants, you will find this type of dishes in the menus, since nachos, fajitas and chilli con carne is actually Tex Mex food. Mexican cuisine is considered intangible world heritage due to its great variety of products, indigenous heritage and diversity. You can read more about Mexican gastronomy here.

Food is ALWAYS spicy

In relation to gastronomy, there is a widespread belief that in Mexico every food will burn your palate, which is not true! Normally, the spiciness comes from the sauces that you put on top the food, but the dish itself is usually not at all spicy. Now, depending on which of the 64 types of chile that exist in the country, the sauces can be from spicy-sweet to … extremely hot!

Only the Aztecs and Mayans lived in Mexico

Young Papantla Flyers, Veracruz

Although they are the best known ethnic groups of the country, in Mexico there are up to 68 different ethnic groups. In addition, there are many community tourism projects managed by people of indigenous origin, who are very proud to share their great cultural heritage and legacy with visitors.

Todo mexicano le gusta tocar las maracas y beber cerveza Corona

En México existe una enorme diversidad musical, la cual también es característica de cada región del país. No es usual ver a músicos nada más tocando las maracas con una botella de Corona por las calles, hay otros instrumentos más característicos como la guitarra de Paracho o la marimba de Chiapas.

Hablando de cervezas… la marca Corona puede ser una de las más comerciales del país pero la menos consumida por los locales. ¡Su consumo queda normalmente reducido a los turistas y a la exportación!

During Day of the Death celebrations, the country turns into a James Bond movie

Don Ciro and his homemade altar in Huaquechula for Day of the Dead

In fact, the Specter film changed forever the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico City, since previously there were no parades of that magnitude. The truth is that each state, or even depending on the region or town where you are, the celebrations around this day are very different.

In Mexico there are only all-inclusive hotels

Mexico is a country with a variety of tourist accommodation run by local people where you can discover the true essence of the country without stereotypes and in contact with our culture. The country offers many opportunities to live a unique holiday, getting to know its residents and getting lost in its incredible archeological sites, jungles, mountains, beaches of great cliffs, beaches of crystalline water, exciting museums, colonial cities and rural ecotourism projects.

The person who has visited Mexico from an all-inclusive resort has not even discovered 1% of what the country has to offer!

In 15 days you can travel the length of Mexico

We do not want you to get excited if you thought that in 15 days you could travel all over the country! The surface of Mexico comprises 24 European countries. If you do not believe it, have a look at this map so you can compare. If you have limited time for your holiday, we recommend choosing two or three states and design an affordable and realistic itinerary to discover the real Mexico.



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